New Heron Way Travel Pledge!

Here is the new Heron Way Travel Pledge, please keep our children safe on there way to school by following these simple guidelines.

20’s Plenty

Please keep to 20mph in Brambling Road and Heron Way. It allows the children to see you when they cross and gives you much more time for you to react if a child runs out into the road.


Stop! Let Children Cross


Keep it One-Way

Always approach the school from Brambling Road. It allows the traffic to flow and makes it much safer for pedestrians and cyclists.


Keep off the Zigzags

Do not stop, park or wait on the yellow zigzags under any circumstances. They are there to allow children a safe crossing point where they are not hindered by parked cars. Even dropping off or waiting for a few seconds can put a child’s life in danger.


Be Bright, Be Seen

Pedestrians and cyclists should try to wear bright and reflective clothes. Think about adding reflective strips to your bike or bag.


Park Smart

When parking between driveways, be careful not to block residents’ access and please consider other drivers by leaving enough space for other cars to park, where possible. Avoid parking on corners or on dropped curbs so that drivers’ views are not obscured and pedestrians can cross safely.


Park & Stride

If you can park away from the school, even just a few hundred metres, for example in Grebe Crescent or Smithbarn, it greatly reduces the amount of traffic outside the school gates, which is statistically the most dangerous area. This not only helps with road safety but has health benefits too!
(Did you know there is a footpath from Grebe Crescent that leads onto Heron Way only 50 metres down from the school?)


Car Share

Consider sharing lifts to school whenever possible. The fewer cars on the roads, the safer it is for our children, whilst helping to ease parking and traffic flow.