Heron Way Runs Great Britain

The Heron Way 10k Trail Run is replaced with a Virtual Challenge for 2020 – now extended to 4th Oct!

The annual PTA trail run has been very popular since it started in 2017, but COVID restrictions this year mean it is difficult to plan the event in its usual form. We’ve received so many messages of support and excitement about the run, so couldn’t pass up the opportunity to try something different.

This year’s challenge runs during the school summer holidays and has been extended into the Autumn term – 18th July to 4th October.

Together we’re going to run the distance around Great Britain!

This year’s challenge is a wonderful opportunity for children, parents, and our local community to get involved and remain active this summer. I can’t wait to hear the stories!

James Crump

We’d love you to join in whether you’re a seasoned runner or it’s your first time in a pair of trainers. Children and families are particularly encouraged to join in and use the challenge to explore the local community and some of our wonderful surrounding countryside safely.

You can complete your challenge distance any way you like – running, walking, it’s up to you. You can do a little everyday, do it all in one go, or try something different like running in fancy dress – it’s totally up to you!

The process is simple – sign up for the challenge and tell us the distance you’d like to achieve over the summer. Your registration means your distance will be counted in our challenge counter, and you’ll be awarded with a finisher’s medal.

We’d love you to keep us updated with news, updates and photos throughout the challenge but there is no need to submit evidence of completion.

All proceeds are in aid of Heron Way PTA (registered Charity Number 295493).  


Adults: £10

Children: £3.50

Children that attend Heron Way can enter for free using a code sent to them by email from the school. 

There is also the option to buy packs of powdered paint, that can be used to make your run more colourful. The price per pack is £1 and you can order this at the same time as registering for the challenge.

Join the challenge

Once registered your entry will appear on this site within 48 hours


The distance around Great Britain is approx 12,500 km or 7,700 miles

So far you have pledged
6,287 km
(3,906 miles)!

2020 Process



Enter the challenge and pledge how far you’ll go


Run or walk!

Pound the paths of Horsham during the summer holidays and keep track of your total distance


Keep us updated

Share your progress and photos via our Facebook page



Once the challenge is over we’ll deliver your medal

2020 Runners

Entrants Distance
Andy Strang 515km
Oliver Street 10km
Lisa Street 10km
Oscar Cobby 10km
Tracey Cobby 10km
Josh G 10km
Edward G 10km
Tara G 100km
Sam G 100km
Colombo runner 150km
Colombo runner 2 200km
Hannah Price 165km
Flynn B 50km
Niamh Bellinger 30km
Zara Murrell 10km
Dexter Murrell 10km
Andy Murrell 130km
Anna Murrell 70km
Evan 100km
Sue Kelly 279km
Maeve 100km
James Owen 30km
Natasha Owen 200km
Adam Wicks 250km
Daisy Smith 100km
Robyn Smith 50km
Jessie Smith 50km
Clare Smith 250km
Anon 90km
Anon 40km
Anon 90km
Anon 25km
Anna Campbell 100km
Finn 20km
Riley 20km
Nikki 70km
Kieran Hannan 58km
Leonie 250km
Ruth Crocker 40km
Helena W 63km
Rufus 25km
Arthur 25km
Sarah Thomas 80km
Ian Smith 120km
Amelia Hall 25km
Finn Hall 25km
Gemma Hall 25km
Isla B 5km
Tom B 5km
Jo B 15km
James Marsh 10km
Isobel Marsh 10km
Katie Marsh 70km
Anne D 150km
Jane F 246.5km
Malcolm Footer 596.4km
Ewan Mann 40km
Natalie 40km
Lucy T 20km
Claire 40km
Dan H 580.1km
Lucylou2008 20km
Ian Dickinson 10km
Kirsty Huddart 225km
Caroline Berry 10km

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